Monday, 23 August 2010

New York, New York

I'm going to New York in September. Very exciting! I've already started making a mental (soon to be actual) list of things to see, do and buy.

I've been to NY once before, aged 16 on a school art trip. We attended a lot of galleries, went to the top of the Empire State Building, visited the Statue of Liberty (but couldn't be bothered to walk to the top) and stood on the viewing platform of the World Trade Center. I accidentally dropped my watch off the side and a security guard had to get it for me. He was not impressed when he saw it was a Flik Flak.

A lot has changed since then but I'm looking forward to going back. Strangely enough I'm flying in on September 11. Bad vibes. I'll be staying with a couple of native New Yorkers and am hoping to see a different side of the city. It will also be very pleasant to indulge in the odd cocktail!

Please share your suggestions for places for me to go and items I absolutely must buy! I cannot wait to have a rummage in drug stores for US-only products! Definitely getting some Cetaphil cleanser. I'm in two minds about Cover Girl, now that I know they test on animals. I can't condone that.

I will definitely be purchasing some Victoria's Secret joggers – mine are pretty much the most-worn item in my wardrobe (embarrassingly enough). I don't leave the house wearing them though (well, only on really bad hangovers). Can't wait to hear your insider tips!


  1. Me too! I'm going a couple of days later and already beyond excited and trying to plan things. Struggling to get many ideas past shopping, since I've done all the tourist stuff before I'm now obsessing over Sephora and Duane Reade.

    Have a great time - I'll be checking back to read any ideas people leave!

  2. You'll have a fantastic time!

    The Magnolia Bakery is a complete must - the cupcakes are to die for - and there's some good shopping near by.

    If you're into vintage, head to Chelsea market if you're there over the weekend. It's in two car parks over the road from one another and although it looks pretty unassuming, it always turns out some gems.

    Williamsburg in Brooklyn is a short subway ride from Manhattan but is a really cool place (my best friend lived there for a year and I love it). There are more great vintage shops there, including the now quite famous Beacon's Closet and some fantastic restaurants, including my favourite, Sea, which serves amazing Thai food.

    Oh, and you have to have one of the super speedy, super cheap mani-pedis advertised on pretty much every corner! They're amazing!

  3. I was actually just there a few weeks ago and had the best vacation (also my 2nd time). Cafe Habana in SoHo is a must for breakfast / brunch / lunch but they're super tiny and really popular (for a reason) so be prepared to wait a bit. Afterwards shop the streets for anything you might want, its all there. PJ Clarkes on 63rd had absolutely amazing food, especially the burgers and mac n cheese. The Boathouse in Central Park is an iconic view, was on Sex and the City when Mr Big and Carrie fell into the water, and the food is amazing. Basically, I ate my way through Manhattan for 4 days and loved every minute of it.
    You'll have sooo much fun, I love that city!


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