Thursday, 5 August 2010

Love her Look: Eva Mendes

I've got a girl crush on Eva Mendes. She rarely puts a (blush pink Brian Atwood-covered) foot wrong when it comes to fashion, working body-hugging dresses like her life depended on it.

There's an Old Hollywood feel to Eva's perfectly polished outfits. She's never knowingly underdressed, or photographed with her knickers showing (unless it's for Calvin Klein). Best of all, she always looks gorgeously healthy. I envy her toned body, honeyed limbs, and, most of all, her closet.


  1. she is beautiful, she seems just so confident in herself & how she portrays her womanly curves etc that she knows that she doesn't need to bare all all the time to scream & shout 'look at me' she does it in her own sexy confident way.

  2. I love her look too. She's all woman!

  3. love her too... never seen a look of hers that I didn't want to emulate...(if I had her honey-toned bod to start with!!)

  4. I totally agree! I wonder what she does to keep so fit...must google. Loving your blog, btw, I just found it and am so entertained. Thanks!


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