Monday, 23 August 2010

Love her Look: Kelis

I'm well aware that this is a controversial choice. Kelis wears a lot of heinous outfits, it's true, but at least she's never dull.

Recently she's been wearing a range of African-inspired dresses, skirts and jewellery, such as this green number by Nigerian designer Lisa Folawiyo. Kelis is a big fan of the designer's Jewel By Lisa range, which uses traditional Ankara fabric in modern shapes.

Aside from the bull ring, I like her bold taste in jewellery. She rocks this Noir 'Sobat' necklace (above) with ease. I never like giant hoop earrings though. Sidebar: my gran once paid me £5 to take my 'fandanglers' (hoop earrings) out, calling me a 'gypsy'.

I also happen to think she's stunning, with gorgeous natural hair, perfect skin and an enviable body. And I love her track 'Home' for working out (walking the dog). Wow, apparently I will soon begin stalking this poor woman!


  1. i absolutely adore the hair color that she has right now, I want that! I used to have it my freshman year in college, sounds like i need to revisit the look :D

  2. Great post I like the way Kelis experiments with different textures, colours etc all the time. I also admire the way she appears unfazed by her critics.


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