Friday, 27 August 2010

Make Mine a Mango

If the Mango 'Working Girl' lookbook is anything to go by, the store's Autumn/Winter collection will be well worth a browse.

Mango often have a few gems amongst a lot of rather questionable 'European' stretchy jersey items. I bought a fabulous winter coat from there last year, and although I did have to sew on all the buttons after they popped off, I do still love it. Are you a Mango fan?


  1. These look really good but to be honest I've never found anything in Mango that I liked and wasn't over £50. I much prefer Zara!

  2. I like the look of Mango stuff but never seem to live anywhere that has a store. I love the comment about the questionable items, having lived elsewhere in Europe I know exactly what you mean! Styling suitable only for wear with Spice Girls stacked heels circa '96! ;)


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