Monday, 9 August 2010

No Bikini? No Diet

Recently I cannot seem to find the motivation to diet. It's not that I'm eating loads or even unhealthily, but just that if I fancy two Twixs, I'm going to have them. I also do that thing where I try to go for the low-fat healthy option, say, a banana, but then eat the chocolate that I actually wanted in the first place afterwards as well. That's just extra banana calories I could have avoided.

My weight may only fluctuate by around five pounds, but those five pounds make the difference between my feeling slinky and having a paunch! It's also an issue of bloating. When I was eating no grains my stomach was so much flatter, even though my weight didn't decrease dramatically. I definitely recommend cutting out grains for a few weeks if you're heading off on holiday and want to look slim in your bikini. Me? I don't think I'll have the opportunity to grace any beaches with my pale bikinied self this year. My friends all have other plans and my bank balance isn't really up for it either. So depressing. Hand me another Twix already. (I don't even like them much!)


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