Thursday, 12 August 2010

Pump it Up

I never could resist a semi-pointy pump and having recently returned two pairs of shoes, these babies didn't stand a chance. At only £8 from Primark, I won't mind when they inevitably scuff. Pointy flats are also more versatile than their round-toed sisters as they look equally good with skirts and trousers. I think that the pale mushroom shade satisfactorily disguises their humble beginnings.

These shoes are part of Primark's 'wide-fitting' selection. To me they look like regular width, but perhaps they might be unsuitable for those who are particularly skinny of sole. 


  1. those are quite cute. I agree with you that pointy fronts are in order with flats if a more chic look is desired, they pair so well with a cute skirt or jeans/pants. good buy

    Socialite Dreams' Blog

  2. They are lovely. I must try out the Primark wide-fitting flats as I'm definitely broad of foot.


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