Monday, 16 August 2010

Undo Your Up-do

I'm liking the wispy up-dos worn by Scarlett Johansson and Lo Bosworth (Lauren Conrad's listless sidekick) recently. Highlights help to give extra texture but I must admit I'm not sure how to get that 'almost falling down' look without your hair actually falling down.


  1. They must have had so much hairspray and backcombing to stop their hair falling out! I bet their heads felt like meringues.

  2. I love this look, so effortless.
    I'd say backcombing, texturising spray and carefully placed pins. :)

  3. i love this look! i used to religiously have my hair up as a child which has put me off having my hair up now im older, but im totally loving this look n will defo give it a go =)

  4. love wispy up dos like this. Look relaxed and cool but they still have super glossy hair!

    Fab blog, definitely be back! :) Come follow TBAG if you fancy. xxx

  5. I love that sort of do. I much prefer messy to sculpted. It's my excuse for looking unkempt anyway ;)

  6. I love this hair do as well, but agree I can't even achieve wispy fluffy hair perfectly positioned for more than 5 mins after styling. I'd love to know how they do it. xx

  7. oh dear, i don't think this is my cup of tea. i like for example messy buns or messy plaits but this is just too untidy for me. they pull it out well cos they are young and pretty x



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