Thursday, 30 September 2010

Dreams of the Cape

To cape or not to cape? That is the question.

I like the look of these funny armless creations but are they practical? Does the wind sneak up from the hem and freeze your nips off? Do you feel restricted because your arms are stuck underneath? Is it necessary to carry your bag in your hand like a gran?

On the plus side you can wear as many layers as you damn well please without looking like an overstuffed sausage or having to force bulky limbs through two small holes.

But will I look like Sherlock Holmes? Thoughts please!

Left to right:
ASOS Hooded Military Cape, £70
Dorothy Perkins Taupe Tweed Piped Cape, £65 (with 20% off online until Friday 1 Oct)


  1. In principle, I love them. In practice, they're a bit of a 'mare.

    I had one a few years ago which was promptly scrapped after I was unable to liberate an arm to a sufficient angle to stop a passing bus. I spent another 30mins freezing in the rain and have only worn it on subsequent 'chic' nights where travel is by cab and handbag requirements are minimal.

    I have been admiring the ASOS cape but wonder about the need to coordinate clothing sleeves and always be equipped with gauntlets in case my arms get cold. All this before even considering Gran-bag syndrome! As much as I love a cape, I have to declare myself out on the grounds of practicality!

  2. I am seriously lusting capes. I have always been a fan of such items and am delighted there's so much choice. I have one from gap that I've had for 4 years now and love when its cold enough to wear it. I am currently coveting the plaid cape in Zara and H&M. Will be buying both I think x

  3. I really really love that asos one.
    I think I might actually have to buy it now!

  4. Loving the mixed feelings on capes! I'm still undecided. Think I need to try some on. x


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