Monday, 27 September 2010

Hot Child in the City

From top:
The view from the top of Rockefeller Center. I went alone and stayed so long the sun set. Beautiful views. Shame about all the smug couples.

Bryant Park before the sky darkened Independence Day stylee and torrential rain soaked us.

Carrie Bradshaw's house. I'm stood in front of the 'No trespassing' sign.

The 'Friends' building. So exactly where is Monica's balcony? Hmmn?

The sweet Tasti D-Lite building opposite the Polish restaurant we ate at in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The fountain in Central Park where Carrie met the guy in 'The Freak Show' episode.

Madonna filming W.E with Abbie Cornish in Central Park. The film's about Wallace Simpson and King Edward VIII. Madonna was tiny, pale, wore no makeup, her hair looked grotty, her cheeks were insane. She appeared to get on well with everyone although she did have a strop when a band started playing in the park, ruining her scene. Oh, and it was not a cold day – but that's the Madonna uniform.


  1. i love your dresses:) Madonna? cool!


  2. I was wondering what was filming there and never actually saw! Oh so that's who was around. Great pics, was very fun hanging with you :D

  3. @Carrie - thank you! The blue dress is Matalan and the skirt/top outfit is Peacocks and New Look! Pure class, me.

    @Vonnie - the day/time we happened to go to Central Park and there's Madonna! I was chuffed. I didn't have any photos of you in portrait! May do another post.

  4. Laura
    Nice blog.. lol@you stalking Khourtney K. her style is cute. Wow I would love to know how Madge stayed cool in that outfit in this God awful summer we had.

  5. Happy memories: that's the Tasti-D-Lite we used to go to every day. I'm still hoping they'll open one in London!

    Looks like you had a fab time.

    Rach x

  6. cool blog!
    i followed! do you want to follow mine?



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