Thursday, 28 October 2010

Bouffant My Barnet

The last time I was in for a trim my hairdresser asked if I often wore my hair in a low ponytail. Horrified, my response was a sharp, 'No! I'm not Jane Eyre!' Rather than broken-off strands, she was looking at the layer of 'new' hair that's grown back since RA drugs caused a little hairtastrophe. (Always take a folic acid supplement if your specialist tells you to! Your hair will fall out!) It has taken forever to get my hair back to anything like it was before and I still have new hairs appearing all the time. I'm bored rigid of my medium-length, layered style but I can't do anything different while it's getting back to normal. However, what I'm craving is a long fringe and bouffant 'do as worn by 1960's beauties Brigitte Bardot, Goldie Hawn and Jean Shrimpton. Oui Je t'aime! (Although Jane Birkin's hair didn't make the collage. Soz.)

Plenty of modern-day lovelies are also fans of this look thanks to its face-flattering properties. Seems as though there's nothing drastic about a long fringe I thought I might have a go at cutting it myself... Pr├ęparez-vous pour une autre catastrophe. Would you wear le bouffant? 


  1. This is exactly the sort of style that I wish for, but can never achieve. I must say looking at the '60s/'70s as opposed to the current versions I prefer the older icons, the modern look is dare I say too health and shiney looking, a bit floppy? Look forward to seeing how you get on with achieving it. Thanks for the post, and the pics. Jan

  2. @lipstickmama Definitely! The 60's girls look like they've been having way too much fun to worry about their hair and therefore have that great matte texture, while the modern ladies have obviously been at home with the deep conditioner on!

  3. totally cute, i'm all for the 60s hair :D full, lush, lovely

  4. Love all of those looks, old and new, great selection. Would be wary of cutting it myself tho!! Have you tried the old velcro roller trick for a bit of 'height at the crown' ?

  5. Love these looks, wish I could recreate even one of them! And if I had to choose, I would definitely go for the original sex kitten of the '60s look rather than the modern day version.


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