Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Brand Grudge

I haven't bought a single Maybelline product since I tried their stick foundation many years ago and decided that it gave me spots. It wasn't a conscious decision to boycott the entire brand but I've not felt tempted to buy from them again.

It occurred to me yesterday that maybe my 'brand grudge' was a bit harsh, however it's difficult to change habitual thought. Brand loyalty is a funny thing. Once lost it's difficult to get back.

I really hated Revlon's DoubleTwist Mascara. In my opinion it's supremely bad. I'd probably not buy another of their mascaras because of it; after all, why would I assume that they'd be any better? My judgement has been cast. I'd still buy their other products but the only way Revlon could win back my mascara-buying custom would be to put a free one on the front of a magazine or similar. If it were amazing I'd count DoubleTwist a clumpy-lashed, dumpy-wanded anomaly. There are just too many other decent brands out there for me to waste time and money on crap that doesn't work.

Clearly I'm pertinacious. In fact, writing this I was both amused and alarmed to detect echoes of Mr Darcy's famous line: 'My good opinion once lost is lost forever'. I love Pride and Prejudice but, as Elizabeth Bennet would say, that is a failing indeed.

Would you have shunned Maybelline foundations for a decade due to one bad experience? Could Revlon's two-lashes-per-eye clumpfest have poisoned your feelings towards all of their future mascaras? Do leave me a comment while I google images of Colin Firth...


  1. yep. Same brand too. I don't like Maybelline at all. Never buy it. Probably never will. I also had a grudge against No17 because they are shit. I recently tried them again after at least ten years, still shit.

  2. I've never bought maybelline simply because their jingle pisses me off immensely. I never even got as a far as a product! and I probably never will.

  3. I like Maybelline. I bought that stick years ago - it was my first ever foundation and I liked it. When I first started buying makeup it was mostly Maybelline so I am fond of the brand even though I don't buy as much from them now. A bad product in a brand wouldn't put me off other products. I bought a Revlon mascara (I think it was 3D extreme) and it was a clumpy mess. I am put off from buying their other mascaras but would buy other products.

  4. I'm already imagining him emerging from the lake....

    Anyway, I don't think you're in any way strange. I've gone off plenty of brands. Some I hold a grudge against some for no better reason than they once looked at me a bit funny!

  5. I'm the same! At least you have a good reason! Often I can't find a rational explanation for disliking a brand. It will just irk me so I won't purchase - even if I actually like the product! I've tried a few Maybelline items. Some good, some horrific. However, they're on the PETA naughty list so I'll not be purchasing again till they're off it. x


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