Sunday, 31 October 2010

Cheryl Cole's Malaria Vogue

I remember when Cheryl Cole collapsed this summer following a photoshoot but I hadn't realised the shoot was for British Vogue (October). In her recent Piers Morgan interview Cheryl said her lips were blue when she woke up that morning and Cheryl's manager recalled that her face had looked a little puffed up when she arrived for the shoot. Considering this is mere hours prior to collapsing with life-threatening Malaria she looks pretty good to me!



  1. wow, she looks flipping fabulous

  2. I've got that Vogue and would never have guessed at all, aahh the advantages of youth. Oh btw I have eye envy, yours, I tried to recreate your beautiful eyeliner look you did on your birthday with hilarious results, if you want a laugh check it out! Jan x

  3. She look fab, especially in the third photo, looking straight at the camera sitting in the chair. i wanna look like that!!!!! No fair!


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