Monday, 4 October 2010

Eyeko Should Coco

On Saturday I attended an event to celebrate ten years of Eyeko at Wenlock & Essex in Islington. After being ushered away from the main bar and upstairs we emerged into a full-on 80's disco complete with multicoloured light-up dance floor!

Having been handed a cherry bellini we were given an introduction to Eyeko's new makeup products (launching before Christmas) by founder Nina Leykind.

I was particularly impressed with the new powder blushers, which Nina explained were inspired by Nars Orgasm and Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks. The colours are dense with pigment and they give a subtle glow without being sparkly. Nina was wearing the colour below and it looked gorgeous on her olive skin. The new Liptastik Glossy Lip Pens also looked to pack a colour punch.

Swatched (above left): Liptastik lip pen and three different Fat Balms. 

Swatched: the new powder blusher.

Michelle (doing her Blue Steel) and Milly.
Milly, me and Hannah.

After our intro to the new products we were left to play with the various makeup goodies scattered everywhere, enjoy yummy cocktails, get manicures, hair and makeup done and even have our tarot read! LOLA's Bakery cupcakes were scarfed pretty quickly by those with a sweet tooth (or popped in one of the handy boxes provided and eaten on the train home à la me).

I got to meet up with some of my favourite bloggers and meet others that I've not met before and I left with a bulging goodie bag of makeup treats. Thanks so much to Eyeko for a fab evening and Happy 10th Birthday!


  1. Heeeey sweetie! fab post, LOVE the piccies! :) Was so nice seeing you again! haha at Michelle's blue steel! x

  2. And to think, I could have been the Hannah that was 'reet nice'! :) Nice meeting you, if after too many cherry bellinis... Not sure you remember but I was the one that went 'Oh my God!! *You're* Laura Wheat!!' Smooth. x

  3. Haha! I don't remember you saying that but I remember meeting you... at the bar! The bar man was looking at me with a definite hint of disgust by the end I swear.

  4. Excuse me - CHERRY Bellinis? Wow, amazing - I need to try that.

    Oh um, pretty makeup too. xx

  5. Yep - I also said 'Oh you have a strapline!' At which point you said - 'That's not a strapline it's the name of my blog/' Ah. I think I may have hit those cherry bellinis with a tad too much force :) xx


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