Thursday, 14 October 2010

How to Get your GHDs Repaired

GHD. Three little words that mean so much to so many. Were it not for the straightening power of their GHDs a whole generation of fluffy-haired honeys would certainly refuse to leave the house.

These straighteners don't come cheap at around £100, meaning it's a dark day when they decide to give up the ghost. Any GHD addict worth her salt knows the number one symptom of straightener breakdown: beware the little red light. Once it begins to flicker intermittently or, worse still, refuses to turn on at all, it only means one thing. Imminent. GHD. Death. It's happened to the best of us.

I have a friend – a straightening fanatic if ever I saw one – who must be on at least her third or fourth pair of GHDs by now. (Julia, if you're reading this, seek help. It doesn't have to be this way.) That's a very expensive habit. If only there was a service to repair and rehabilitate old GHDs so that they might live to fight another day's unruly frizz...

Simply package your broken GHDs up and send by mail to GHD Repairs Direct and for a fixed price of £19.99 their technicians will repair whatever electrical issues your straighteners are having and send them back to you as good as new! All repairs are guaranteed for six months so you can splash the £80 you would have spent on a pair of shoes.

One of my friends runs this business, meaning I can guarantee your GHDs will be in safe hands. They fix all models and if you have an additional problem like a snapped arm, just contact the guys before sending your straighteners in and they'll brief you on the cost of any replacement parts.

For more info and the address to send your broken GHDs please visit


  1. ha ha I think I may actually be on my 5th pair, I loose track!!
    Maybe I should send in one of my old pairs so that I always have a spare...or would that money be better spent on therapy to help sort out the fear I have of my natural curls!?xx

  2. Nah Jules - you need a lot more couch time than £20 will buy you - I'd just go for the spare pair! xx


    My GHD's broke earlier this week, the light popped and some smoke came out WHILST I straightened my hair.
    I was so hesitant about throwing it in the bin, so I just wrapped it up in a box with the hope it'd come back to life again in a few days lol,
    I definitely have to use this service!

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  4. that's SUCH a great idea!!!


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