Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Timberland Earthkeepers

Blogging has brought me a lot of good things in the past ten months: new friends, work contacts, a sense of community, inspiration... Well screw all that because now it has brought me new shoes.

The Timberland Earthkeepers range features rugged boots made from extensive recycled materials such as Green Rubber from recycled car tyres and PET from plastic drinks bottles. Once you've eventually worn out your Earthkeepers, simply give them back to Timberland and they'll recycle up to 50 per cent of their components.

I was offered the chance to try out any boots from the range; meaning subsequent days spent trying to decide on a pair. I finally settled on the Bethel Buckle Tall Zip-Up Boot in burgundy (middle). I like the fact they're chunky, an unusual colour and also the mixture of textures. 

I was very keen on the Cabot Pull-On Tall Boot (right) and the Cabot Tall Buckle Boot (left) as well but in the end I opted for the Bethels because their smaller calf width is better for my slim legs. I cannot wait to stomp around in the autumn leaves with my new boots on! I know I'm a lucky girl. Do you think I made the right choice? Actually, I'm not sure I want you to answer that. You'll throw me back into turmoil! 


  1. which ones are good for fat girl legs? I struggle with boots to go over my fatty calves so much but i adore the look of these ones!!! x

  2. Well, I think the calf circumference on the right-hand pair was 15.5 inches, whereas the pair I ordered and the pair on the left were both 14.5 inches. But the left and middle pairs have adjustable strappy bits. I love the Cabot Pull-Ons on the right because they come up really high on the leg like riding boots. Decisions decisions! xx


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