Friday, 26 November 2010

The Chavolution of Cheryl Cole

Little Cheryl Tweedy: original Geordie lass. More than a touch chavvy.
The gorgeous phase: with love trauma came fashion & beauty success.
Cute short hair but the style's slipping. Then the extensions came back.
What went wrong? Stringy red hair & tacky outfits. Cheryl's devolved.


  1. Great post! Love it! I wish she'd got rid of that red now.
    Agree: the gorgeous phase was definitely gorgeous!


  2. Thanks lovely. She looked SO gorgeous in 2008 - what on earth happened?! She must have fired her stylist and employed Katie Price's hair and makeup people.

  3. She's a beautiful girl - maybe her chaviness just gives her that slightly vulnerable edge? It makes you want to dress her up proper.

  4. Totally gorgeous during the gorgeous stage. But I look at her early photos (I once flicked through an unofficial Cheryl Cole annual in a bookstore) and think "there's hope for everyone". Same with Beyonce.

  5. Great post, I did a hair history on Cheryl a while back.
    Such a shame she went back to her straggly extensions, it looked gorgeous shorter.


  6. i look at old pics of myself and often cringe . silly cheryl gone waay down in my books after her unprofessional outburst to Wagner in X Factor!

  7. Eww 2008 Cheryl is when she looked like a monkey. She looks much better now but she has so much fat on her cheeks and she isn't even as heavy as the top pics, when she first began, which leads me to believe that she's been getting fat injections. Her bottom left hand picture resembles the cheeks of Janet Jackson LOL's in present. But she looks the best present. But....only because of her nose job/ fat injections. I hate fake people who get praised for their looks though when if they weren't rich, they'd just blend in with everyone else. In the first pictures she looks cute and fat. The last pics look completely different than 2008/ 2009. Just another Megan Fox who's dying to be the hottest thing on the block.

  8. So yeah incredibly fake! And yeah I do not praise people who have had loads of plastic surgery, beautiful, it's more FAKE. I hope other people do the same.


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