Sunday, 21 November 2010

Eyelashes and Moustaches for 99p

My lovely friend Nikki is going traveling for six months as of next week so we had a big send-off for her at the weekend.

I picked up some 99p false lashes from Savers and did this winged out liner with a shimmery bronze lid. The only difficulty I've had with cheap falsies is that the base strip is thick and difficult to disguise.

I brought along a few key pieces for the occasion and within minutes of arriving at the pub had gone from lovely lashes to manky moustache... I even used my handy Duo lash glue to stick the thing to my face! Good times. Nikki don't go!


  1. I saw those fake moustaches in my local 99p store and I regret not getting some!

  2. That's where I bought them! They were a key part of the night.


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