Monday, 1 November 2010

Prettifying a New Home

My friend Julia is about to move into a new house with her boyfriend so for her birthday I wanted to get her pieces to prettify the new pad.

I had seen some gorgeous towels a while ago on the H&M website in the 'home' section. I decided to buy a selection of different sized and patterned towels as well as this cute 'We're open 24 hours' bathmat (also a great gift idea for Rebecca at Le Salon de Beaute).

Julia and I both absolutely adore floral print materials, and I especially loved these shower towels. As I knew the landlord would be repainting the whole house white, I went wild for bright patterns. The prices were fabulous too, meaning I could bundle up a nice big pile; wrapping it in a pretty length of ribbon I bought at the local haberdashery.


  1. I'm DYING for that bath mat! And some of the cushions I've seen that are launching in store tomorrow look AMAZING!

  2. I love these, I bought the exact same bath mat and the floral towel when the H & M website launched, good taste lol! xx

  3. @Rebecca I didn't know you could get the home stuff in-store. That's cool although dangerous! @Hannah Great minds! xx

  4. I absolutely love all of them, they really have brightened up the house. so so pretty, perfect for a girls house...ha ha! Thanks la xx


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