Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Revive Your Fashion Flare

Their Jumbo Classic Flap bags aren't the only thing Lauren Conrad and Kourtney Kardashian have in common – the sight of their flared jeans is making me want to rummage into the depths of my 'jeans pile'.

It's been a while since flared jeans looked right to my fashion eye but it might be time for a renaissance. I've never lost my affection for the leg-lengthening properties of a good pair of flares. Tight through bottom and knee before kicking out to mirror the width of the thigh. Ah the glorious retro goodness!

Kourtney's jeans are Dojo with Clean Pocket in Daring Cleo from 7 For All Mankind. I don't know who makes Lauren's perfect indigo pair (yet!) but Topshop's Indigo Skinny Flare Jeans are a fine dupe.

A brief word of warning: flared jeans should not be confused with their more moderate cousin – the bootcut. Those haven't looked right since 1995 unless you're Trudi from Mistresses (who the BBC wardrobe department clearly hate). In a capsule collection of dowdy sludge coloured outfits complete with matching stringy scarves, bootcut jeans are her constant. No wonder Richard fancied Katie.


  1. i love flared jeans :) and they are a britney spears staple lol

  2. Annnnd delete post. Haha! Old Britters still wearing them from about 47 season's ago.

  3. i do like a nice flare

  4. Its been years since I've worn flared jeans but Lauren looks so stylish in that photo x

  5. Flares all the way for me - Gap skinny flare, just can't do skinny jeans at all, I have a 14yr old daughter with legs up to her armpits and that sort of spoils any skinny jeans for me! Jan x

  6. They do look good on Lauren. I gave all my non-skinny jeans to charity recently. Although most probably counted as the dreaded bootcut rather than flares...

    It does feel weird wearing non-skinny jeans now though... it's like "what's all this fabric wafting around my calves and ankles???"


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