Monday, 29 November 2010

Tights Please? No Thanks

This winter I thought I'd be all organised and buy my tights online. Instead of heading to M&S I ventured onto and ordered four pairs of Charnos: two 100 denier (£6.99) and two 60 denier (£4.99). I chose two black pairs and two 'steel' – a dark grey colour. There was free postage and the tights arrived a few days later.

Everything looked fine apart from the 100 denier tights in 'steel' were in fact 'light grey' and a totally different colour to what was promised. I'm not Gwen Stefani and was never going to wear unflattering light grey tights so I sent them back for an exchange (£1.75 postage).

I was contacted via email to say that my return had been accepted and another pair of 100 denier black tights would be sent to me. But I wanted grey. At this point I barely cared. This was 22 October.

On 12 November I emailed to enquire about my missing tights and to complain about the service I had received. Someone emailed me back the same day saying, 'Thank you for your email. The tights you have requested to be sent are black however they are on back order and are not currently in stock. I can change this order for you if you wish?' Well, for one I never requested black and two, where's my apology? I've been waiting three weeks for these tights and the ones on 'back order' aren't even the right colour!

I emailed back saying (in a less angry fashion than this) I ordered dark grey, I wanted dark grey, could I please have dark grey? I don't care what brand, I just want an equivalent pair of tights in DARK GREY. I've still received no replacement tights and no return email.

As if this wasn't bad enough, the 100 denier Charnos tights fall down. They have no actual waistband, just the same material as the leg all the way up. When I wore them out I had to buy some £3.99 H&M tights to change into mid-shop. Do I really have to wear a massive pair of granny pants over my £6.99 tights just to keep them up?!

Edit: have been in touch. They have apologised for the confusion regarding my order. I'm being sent a refund for the missing tights and another pair of the Charnos 60 deniers as a good will gesture. Thank you to Anna at Tights Please for her help. 


  1. Oh dear. Very unimpressive service. And you'd think that they would in fact, stock black and dark grey tights up to the rafters in winter.

  2. wow thats a bit shit!!!! I absolutely HATE it when tights and leggings fall down but cn neer find a pair that actually stays up :/


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