Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Pyjama Confessions

Confession time: my pyjama selection is shocking. I cannot bear traditional pyjama tops – they're too wide, too short and the buttons are uncomfy when you lie on your belly. Instead I wear a bohemian selection of t-shirts and vests; none of which are winter suitable.

I buy pyjama bottoms whenever I see a good pair: the ones I like are cotton, long and loose, in pretty fabric with a ribbon or tie waistband. Without fail these end up flapping about my ankles, shrunken and embarrassing. I think it's obvious that I need some new pyjamas.

Me being me, I know exactly the type I want and they belong to Kim Kardashian! She wears her stripy Victoria's Secret jammies in the 'Kardashian Family Vacation' episode of KUWTK. If you live in the US or have access to the new Bond Street London store, their Fireside Long Jane Pajama (winter season) is the closest thing on offer at present. I also love the Afterhours Satin Pajama which I've seen Kourtney wear in other episodes. 

The cupcake pyjamas took a while to find. I won't tell you how long (it's disgusting) but I will say that Heat Magazine need to give me a job working on their 'What are they wearing?' celeb pages. These pjs are by a company called 'Scanty' but their Yummy Cupcake Thermals are no longer available.

So, what now? Well the UK shops have presented me with some fairly sparse offerings. This Butterfly Blue Merry-go-round Long John Set fits most of my criteria (cuffed sleeves and ankles, matching top and bottom, bright, 100% cotton) but the colour's a bit pukey and it costs £50! The Carnival Long John Pj Set is cuter and cheaper but lacks sleeves. These La Senza Stripe Long John Set and H&M Pyjamas are both quite nice but I really do want matching top and bottoms.

If money was no object I'd order these Hanna Andersson pjs from the US and scamp about the house like a happy little Christmas elf. They're the best thing EVER! Masochistic types can dress their husband and children in matching pairs and wait for social services to call.

For those who actually have a man to share their bed and may not desire to dress like an overgrown toddler in kiddie pjs, I might do a post on nightwear of the sexier variety...

In the mean time, share your pyjama shame: what do you wear to bed? Do you favour proper pjs or a menagerie of offcasts? I know there are some faded and frayed pyjama skeletons scrunched up under your pillows! Confess here. I bet you need new jammies too!

Edited March 2013.


  1. Ha, I just bought some new jamas last week in H&M, and yes they have cuffed ankles (the top is however just one colour) and I look like a cross between an easter egg and a sausage in them, but I love them.

  2. i really want some from Hush but i cannot bring myself to spend £50 on a pair of pjyamas! my current ones are some from benetton which are about ten years old but i cant bring myself to part with them. and for very cold nights i have to get out the green primark fleeces ones with monkeys on them - a bargain at just £5! the warmest thing i own!

  3. @klara - are they the pink versions of these with the stripy bottoms? I liked them too. I will look like one of those comedy eggs with legs but I don't care! ME WANT!

    @amina - these Hush pjs are classy! (Despite what you may think after reading this post) I like them. There's also a very nice stripy bag... No comment on the Primark fleece numbers! Fire hazard alert! :)

  4. i know definitely no naked flames where they are involved!

  5. They are teal actually - just one colour top, and yes, the bottoms are stripy with some little dots inbetween. I definitelly recommend them :D
    Oh, and these are so cute as well:

    Hope you find a nice pair of funny jamas

  6. victoria's secret has the best pjs! i am all about a nightshirt, hate pants on my legs when i sleep. stripy, cutesy, quirky nightshirts from vs are my staples...or some random t-shirt that I've won somewhere that should never see the light of day but are comfy to sleep in with a pair of sweat shorts. whenever i find a man to share my bed with, i'll be sure to jazz it up a bit more than that for him, lol

  7. @klara - very cute!

    @socialitedreams - stop rubbing it in! You know how much I love VS! I don't have any nighties - think I'd be cold unless I wore socks and I CANNOT wear socks in bed.

  8. I don't really understand pyjamas. Don't see the point in getting undressed and then getting dressed again to sleep!

  9. @Gemma - I see what you're saying you saucy minx! It's way too cold for nudies in my house! I change twice - proper clothes > comfy 'house' clothes > pyjamas.

  10. I am all about the cheapness for pyjamas so Matalan and Primark all the way! Recently I have mostly been wearing mens bottoms from Matalan purely for the prints - Superman, Batman and Animal from the Muppets, with a plain vest. I hate being too warm in bed so don't wear cosies in winter.

  11. I have the thickest toggle duvet you can find so sleeping in pjs is not an option, that combined with boyfriend heat and the fact that I am a 'human radiator' according to him, means I would boil to death. Look forward to your sexier nightwear post... got a tres cute nighty in TK max - not the nicest place to look for lingerie i know - but it was dark purple cotton with black lace, very cute.


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