Monday, 13 December 2010

Saturday Night Sparkles with Avon

So far, so chic

This weekend I decided to recreate Jackie Tyson's christmas party makeup look using the products Avon sent me. I followed this simple tutorial to the letter and was really pleased with the resulting look.

The Glimmerstick Diamonds Eye Liners are a real joy – soft and blendable to apply but once on they stay put all night. When I washed off these swatches on my arm the shadow and lipstick came straight off but the Glimmersticks didn't smudge even under soap and water! For me they provide the perfect amount of shimmer  subtle and chic but with a flattering twinkle when the light hits.

My fave part of this look was the Ultra Colour Rich Mega Impact Lipstick in 'pink pop' – pink with gold shimmer. These lipsticks have beveled edges like polished jewels and this shade in particular is beautifully wearable. The formulation is sheer, it smells gorgeous and the gold shimmer makes lips look plumped and pretty. I reapplied a gratuitous amount of times throughout the night for the pure pleasure of it! 

The Luxe Lace True Colour Eyeshadow Quad in 'lace hues' offers fashionable, wearable colours that can be worn sheer or built up for added impact. The petrol blue shade used in the video provides a nice alternative to grey or black and worked well with the eye liners. I applied my shadow exactly as Jackie does in the video using the applicator provided and keeping the dark colour confined to the lid. It was super quick and easy to do. 

I've been impressed with every Avon product I've tried so far, especially considering that the most expensive product used here is an £8 lipstick.


  1. Fantastic look - very radiant and fresh. The lipstick looks absolutely gorgeous!


  2. Thank you. LOVE the lipstick - it's amazing. Would like to try the other colours too. x

  3. I love the eyeliner, a nice grey colour which is hard to find, and I used some of the sparkly silver on the centre of my eye to open it up, love it all.



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