Sunday, 16 January 2011

Has Kim Kardashian had a Nose Job?

Keeping Up with the Kardashians has made Kim Kardashian and her family into household names; their lives an open book. Except Kim's keeping one thing to herself and it's as plain as the nose on your face.

Kim's always been a gorgeous girl but Hollywood's a strange place where even beautiful women are vulnerable to the lure of the plastic surgeon if time and money allow. Kim has frequently denied having any work done besides botox but her nose has changed from slightly elongated with a droopy tip to a perky all-American 'nose job' nose.

It's very subtle work, which has no doubt made Kim more photogenic for her multiple, multiple campaigns. She's lost the sneery look she could sometimes have. Still, I don't think she needed it done in the first place. Her old nose was reminiscent of a smaller version of her late father Robert Kardashian's nose.

If you're interested, plastic surgeon Dr Rawnsley has a 'forensic analysis' of Kim's surgery with explanation and accompanying photo. I'm fascinated by cosmetic surgery even though I believe it often causes more problems than it solves. It's our differences, both physical and emotional than make us individuals. Womenkind aren't meant to look like one homogenised, big-titted, perky-nosed, blonde-haired master race. But maybe that's easy for me to say because that's the mould I happened to be born into. Embrace your individuality!
Dr Rawnsley's forensic analysis


  1. I noticed this last year that she'd had her nose done and people told me ' Its just down to her weight loss '

    -WELL lmao, I've never known weight loss can help snap, chisel and reconstruct bone.

    Plus she needs to hold back on the lip plumping too .

  2. it's not important.

  3. @LaaLaa Monroe - Yeah I've never known weight loss to rotate the end of the nose upwards so that more nostril is exposed.

    @Anonymous - Of course not but nobody made you read it.

  4. Why is she so private about her nose job? It is very obvious to me. Her older photos showed a nose that was wider at the bridge and longer down at the tip. It is soooo weird to me that she denies it. I'm half Armenian and I got one. I guess she thinks if she admits it, then it could make her seem less appealing or something.

  5. @Anonymous I feel like Hollywood 'starlets' and the like want to keep their surgeries secret so that they seem physically perfect naturally, and therefore further removed from the rest of us. Look at Blake Lively - her nose job is so obvious and yet she claims to have had nothing done! I wish they would just be honest so that young girls know they're not really all that they seem.

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