Thursday, 6 January 2011

Review: Balenciaga Paris Perfume

A while ago the fabulous My Perfume Life offered to suggest new perfumes to people based on three things: their favourite food, favourite film and favourite season. Being a classy sort of bird I said Jamie's Italian [restaurant's] mushroom ravioli, Private Benjamin and summer. Her recommendations for me were Prada Infusion d’Iris, which I've smelt in the past and not been overwhelmed by, and Balenciaga Paris, which I'd never smelt and which comes in this delicious bottle.

As with the Jennifer Aniston perfume I reviewed recently, Paris also has a distinct element of violet, but it's not as stark as the Aniston offering. Instead it's tempered with a host of musky florals and a tiny hint of spicy pepper. It really is a delightful and unusual smell. I find the eau de parfum lasts beautifully and is suitable to wear day or evening.

The lovely people at sent me this perfume but when I contacted them to say I'd be blogging about it they told me the news: it has been discontinued! Balenciaga Paris is no more. If you think it sounds like a fragrance you might like I suggest you track down a bottle sooner rather than later. Prices are sure to inflate as stock depletes.

It's a shame that such an elegant, charming perfume isn't popular enough to survive in the current marketplace, while glorified 'celeb' body sprays sell by the gallon. The list of recent celeb launches reads like a who's who of nobodies the majority of us neither care about or aspire to imitate. 'Tease' by Paris Hilton anyone? She smells like wine, fags and bins! I guess there really is no accounting for taste.


  1. This sounds lovely, it's a shame I probably won't get chance to try it!

  2. What a shame it has been discontinued, interestingly I am in love with Prada Infusion D'Iris both the EDP and the EDT and have the Jennifer Aniston and was impressed, I went off perfumes in the '90s when everything smelt of melons, the decade I went to 7 weddings including my own and all the starters were melons. I haven't eaten a melon or been to a wedding since! Jan x

  3. @Becky - 'Tis a great shame but I'm sure it must still be in the shops at the moment.
    @Jan - Well I've heard it compared to the Prada scent so you should definitely try to track down a sample to see if you like it. I've actually worn this layered with the Jennifer Aniston perfume and thought they complemented each other well. I cannot stand anything melon-flavoured or melon-scented! I barely like actual melons. x

  4. Oh no...this was my wedding perfume and I loved it - I can't believe they're discontinuing it - it's only new isn't it?

  5. @Clare Yes it only came out last year in February/March - it's a real shame. Will you stockpile a few bottles?


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