Saturday, 15 January 2011

Testing Collection 2000 Extreme Liner

Here's the makeup I wore for my date last week, as inspired by Lisa Eldridge's makeup for Glamour Magazine (December 2010). I hardly want to put these images side-by-side, the model looks so unutterably gorgeous. I had to tone down the eyeliner as I didn't want the guy sitting across from me at dinner thinking 'how much makeup is she wearing?!'. I'll definitely try it another time. I completely ran out of time to deal with my hair and had four seconds to take these photos.

Glamour Magazine (December)
My Eyeko liner has died on me so I splashed out £2.50 on a Collection Extreme 24-Hour Felt Tip Liner. It's really easy to use and creates a perfect opaque black line. Having used felt-tip liners from Max Factor, Bourjois, 17, Eyeko and Collection 2000 I can tell you they're all pretty similar and all dry out just as quickly as one another. You can't go wrong with this one for under three quid; it didn't budge an inch.

I somehow found the nerve to wear false lashes. That's how confident I am in my Duo Eyelash Adhesive! I used Girls with Attitude 'classic' lashes, which are quick to apply and provide fabulous yet subtle definition and length. I find that thick liner makes my lashes look short so falsies make a big difference. MAC lipstick in Vegas Volt on my lips, smudged in and topped with a pale pink Benefit lipgloss.

What's your favourite liquid liner? Do you prefer felt-tip or ink pot?


  1. I only tried Eyeko and Collection 2000, and so far C2000 wins big time. I got them in every color, and backups for my favorite teal one. I would say I wear these at least 3 times a week specifically, and any time I'm short on time. :)

  2. Gah don't talk to me about eyeliner, I can no more tame the liner than I can fly to the moon. If push comes to shove I can wield a pencil, and amazingly I can tightline with La Mercier, but no I am a sad sap of a liquid liner failure :-(

  3. @Lyuba-chan - Ooh I'd love to try the teal one although any kind of colour around my eyes tends to make me look like an 80's reject!

    @Jan - I couldn't tightline to save my life I'm sure. I could do with learning as my lashes are white and it's hard to ensure there's no gap between my eyeliner and my eyelashes. Have you tried with one of these felt-tip pen types? I find them way easier than the ink pot ones with the floppy brushes and bristles ruining the line. I don't even have a particularly steady hand. I just tidy up with a cotton bud. x


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