Wednesday, 16 February 2011

BRITs Outfits: Best of a Bad Bunch

I didn't see anyone looking particularly good at The BRITs last night but this lairy bunch caught my eye for at least not being totally yawn-worthy. Adele looked elegant in black but lost cool points for her naff skin-coloured granny tights. I know it's cold but jeez. Most of the female celebs got a big 'must try harder' (but not too hard) sticker.


  1. What is Rhianna wearing though? Like the colours but the skirt bit of the dress? Has she just been asked to show off her shoes...look they match the bottom half of my dress. Out of this lot I think I like the one on the end in the purple who's name escapes me..gawd presenile dementia or what..Corrine Bailey Rae, goodness had to ask OH. Oh dear. Jan x

  2. The shoes look horrible and cheap too. It was so late and I was so tired when I made this assortment I think my eyes were just drawn to bright colours! Corinne always looks pretty. x


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