Monday, 28 February 2011

Perfect in Purple: Oscars Best Dressed

Scarlett Johansson was radiant in raspberry Dolce & Gabbana

Cate Blanchett looked modern and elegant in Givenchy

Mila Kunis wore Elie Saab as well as any catwalk model


  1. Pleased someone else loved Cate's outfit as much as me, I like that she is brave enough to choose something out of the ordinary and that not everyone could pull off. Her fashion choices never fail to surprise and impress me. Loved Mila's dress too, beautiful colour and delicate design. Not so sure about Scarlett, I liked the colour and the back, but the fabric reminded me too much of a table cloth or curtains!

  2. I agree with you on all counts! Didn't like the front of Scarlett's dress either or the fabric particularly but loved the colour and her hair and makeup. Cate always looks original and beautiful and Mila is just too pretty. She makes me sick!

  3. Mila look FANTASTIC. She's so beautiful.

  4. the guy's bow tie behind Mila Kulsi,eventhough slightly seen in the pic is very attractive and appealing...I love bow ties...

  5. I agree with you gylleandi. He's very hunk. I wonder if he could go to hollywood as well with that kind of face and body!!! :)

  6. One of the reasons why I like visiting your blog so much is because it has become a daily reference I can use in order to learn new nice stuff. It's like a curiosities box that surprises you over and over again.


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