Tuesday, 22 March 2011

From Runway to Red Carpet

I loved this Stella McCartney dress when it showed during Fashion Week. It seemed to be the perfect mix of classic and modern; simple yet striking. Last night Kate Winslet wore the very same dress at the New York premiere of her new tv series, Mildred Pierce. There's nothing wrong with Kate's toned hourglass figure but I cannot help but think the dress isn't hugely flattering once removed for the coltish limbs of a supermodel. Such is life. What do you all think of Kate's polkadot frock?


  1. i think that she looks similar as the model does in the dress...the model thank god isn't rail thin, she has some definite hips going on. my only criticism is that it looks a bit better on the longer frame of the model, stopping at her knee vs kate's calf. smoking hot dress regardless, love it

  2. I think the angles of photos is what really makes the dress look unflattering.

  3. @socialitedreams - I think you're right on the length - knee length is way more flattering than calf length on anyone.
    @Lyuba-chan - Some of the other photos I've seen were worse... Still love the dress though.

  4. Love the dress! Not sure, like Lyuba-chan, if it's the angles that make it look something's not quite right on Kate, but I think it looks good no matter what!

  5. My opinion: would look really good on Kate with different shoes. High heels, lady, that would balance the length problem.


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