Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Topshop Makeup: Sandstorm Collection

I was immediately smitten with the new Topshop Makeup Sandstorm collection – the colour combo of murky khaki greens contrasted with tomato reds and fuchsia pinks had me at 'hello Laura please buy me'.

Luckily for me a kindly PR sent me a couple of samples: an Eye Crayon in 'zephyr' and a Creme Lipcolour in 'daze'. Neither of which I would have chosen myself but sometimes that's a good thing. The Creme Lipcolour feels smooth and a bit chalky. It has no shimmer and quite a lot of white in it meaning it's quite opaque.

Above I used both products for a very quick daytime look. The Eye Crayon is quite shimmery – I applied it direct to my eyes with no primer and blended it in with a brush. Using some kind of base on your eyes would probably ensure a more even application and better effect. I found that it did settle in my eyelid crease after a few hours but again I didn't use a primer. I wasn't overly taken with the 'crayon' style of this product as it's neither sharp enough to be precise nor soft enough to smudge easily. It does 'set' after a few minutes though and has good staying power. For me the Eyeshadow Mousse in the collection looks like a must-have over this and I'm keen to see the other products.


  1. I so want to try this range, I just have to elbow my way through the tweenagers and get to it. I like the lip colour a bit like NARS Schiap but at a fraction of the price, were you testing its lastability with the 47 cocktails? ;-) Jan x

  2. I LOVE the lip colour, really gorgeous.

  3. @beautydiarist - Yes you must! There's some really nice products. I love the cream blushes.
    @simon g - Thank you lovely.


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