Monday, 18 April 2011

Be My Be My Little Baby

It's that time of year again: I'm breaking out the white daps (that's plimsolls if you're not 'local'). I'm super fussy but happily the ones I like are Primark and cost £2. But of course, whenever Primark have a successful product on their hands they must take it away, make it crapper and then reintroduce it thinking customers won't notice the difference. But I notice Primark, I notice! After months of having only sizes 3 and 8 in the store near me they brought out a totally different dap! Needless to say, I was both devastated and disgusted. After a few sessions with a dap-specific therapist I set about finding an alternative. I would find Baby's daps.

After a long and arduous quest (quick google) I discovered that Baby wears Keds Champions and now so shall I. At £26 per pair they need to be 13 times better than my old Primark plimmies to make me happy. Maybe they will also make me a good dancer? I have ordered a pair and shall report back! If, like me, you wish to dress like Baby all summer long and dance along fallen tree trunks with Patrick Swayze('s ghost) I've found you just the kit to do it in...

Clockwise from top left: 


  1. I thought it was just me who though this years white 'sannys' were different! I bought quite a few pairs last year but I may have to get me some keds ;) but i think i'll wait and see what you think first :) xx

  2. i'm all over liking this post, Dirty Dancing is my movie! Great finds :)

  3. @Adrienne - Finally someone who understands! Primark how could you do this to us?! The soles are totally different. Anyway, ordered size 7 Keds but when they came they were WAY too big. Took them back and tried on the 6s which fit but they have a built up bit where the arch of your foot goes - obviously meant to be supportive but I am so used to super-flat flats I found it uncomfy. They did look nice but not really much different from the Primark ones for the money! Got a refund and bought some more Primarni ones to see if I can get with the new style! xx

    @socialitedreams - How gorgeous is the Jaeger sundress?! I am in love. Why the hell is it so expensive!? I love Dirty Dancing forever.

  4. hello - great blog, I look forward to hearing your findings...
    I found you via Big Fashionista - what are your thoughts on Tommy Lee?
    (I leave you with a hankering to watch DD this weekend...)

  5. @Hazel - Hi! Tommy Lee is mank and gave Pammy the Hep! Surely no-one fancies him!? I am of course desperate to watch Dirty Dancing but then that is just my permanent state of being. x

  6. Oooooh I may have to look for these but wear them only indoors. Sigh. Living in a sandpit has its downsides :(


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