Saturday, 30 April 2011

Betty Draper and Vegas Volt

I'm about as late as it's possible to be in arriving at the Mad Men party but nevermind, I'm here now. I'd never thought January Jones was any more special than any other pretty 'Hollywood' lady but after watching half of the first series I'm starting to love her. Betty Draper's makeup is immaculate and apparently she wears a lot of MAC Vegas Volt. Low and behold this is the one MAC lipstick I happen to own (donated to me by my friend Makeda)... Definitely nothing like as lovely on me as it is on Betty but I still had fun wearing it to pootle around town.


  1. I only bought Vegas Volt on Thursday but I freaking love it. It's perfect for summer xx

  2. you look like her...darken your brows just a bit so they are more defined and i think that it'd mesh well :D such a pretty doll you are

  3. @Tass - Yay! We love our coral.
    @socialitedreams - Peeps always be picking on my eyebrows! It's pretty difficult to darken them much for daytime without looking weird - I could do with some different products for the task. They already have eyebrow pencil on them in the pic or they'd be even paler! Thanks for saying I look like Betty! <3


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