Saturday, 30 April 2011

Search for a Sun Dress

I've just ordered this cute sun dress from Topshop. I liked the retro shape and print. I'm finding it harder and harder to buy clothes; extreme pickiness combined with lack of funds is not a great combo. If anyone has seen any cute cotton summer dresses not designed for flat-chested 13 year olds do leave me a comment and I'll check them out!

Update: This dress is such a weird shape! It's cut for a chubby oompa loompa – short and wide. When I tried it on it looked as if I was wearing a child's dress! The waist is on my ribs! And RETURN.


  1. This is really cute! I may have to add this to my wish list... do let me know your thoughts when it arrives.

  2. Will do Hazel! Am hoping it might arrive tomorrow. x

  3. Matalan had some really nice dresses when i went at the weekend!

  4. @Sophie - The last few times I've been to Matalan I've not seen anything good even though there was a lush white and blue striped dress in a magazine. No sign of it in store.


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