Thursday, 26 May 2011

Summer at Some Stage

So far, so chic
As you may have noticed from the proliferation of shoe-related posts lately I am on the lookout for some new sandals! I'm trying not to spend money willy-nilly as I don't exactly have much at the moment so it's taking me a while to decide what to buy. Adding urgency to my shopping is the fact that I can't actually find two pairs of sandals that I bought and loved last year. They have disappeared! Very suspicious.

I am enchanted with this sandal/nail polish combo as seen on one of my favourite fashion blogs from the effortlessly stylish Laura Fantacci – Wearing It Today. Laura is fashion and shopping editor at Red mag, which has by far the best fashion pages of any glossy IMO! The sandals are £39.99 from River Island and the polish is Illamasqua 'Collide'.

Popped into River Island to try them on myself and it has to be said the effect is not quite the same on my pale feet! And still I did not buy...

If I was in the US I'd get some shoes from – I was tricked into looking at this site a few days ago only to discover the astronomic US to UK shipping costs. Very annoying indeedy.


  1. Oooh for some willy-nilly shopping!
    I really rate River Island for their shoes but I'm also really impressed with Matalan sandals this summer...

  2. I thought Matalan had some nice sandals too, just couldn't make a decision! I'm tempted to spend a bit more money and get some nice leather ones.

  3. I got some AMAZING 5 inch platform "sandals" at Primark the other day. Worth checking it out. They even survived being broken in during a marathon dancing session. x

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