Friday, 17 June 2011

Dreams Versus Reality

From the sandals I want to buy, to the sandals I can actually afford... *sigh* Still, I do love both these pairs and feel confident I'll get lots of wear out of them. The black and white pair are actually jelly sandals and cost just £6 from this fab website I found recently called Fashion Union. I also ordered a nautical-style dress and a cute navy skater skirt. I got two different discounts as well as free postage and have been massively impressed with the quality of the clothes. I would say they are sized quite large though. I ordered the dress and skirt in size 12 and both were a bit big. I had to send the skirt back unfortunately.

Charlie was having a very relaxing time amongst the daisies on the lawn yesterday and I couldn't resist including a picture of his furry face.

The nude-coloured jewelled sandals were £8 from Primark. They didn't look like much strewn across the floor with thousands of other pairs but I had a feeling they'd be better 'on'. They have a leather footbed which is padded and comfortable and I think they'll be perfect for summer.


  1. Charlie looks so adorable.....I normally hate feet in general BUT I have been hearing good things about fashion union too, so thanks to you I think I will have a look on their website! x

  2. Haha! Are my fat little feet offending your eyes? Tis helpful to see shoes on though non? Charlie says thanks. x

  3. The jewelled sandals look lovely. I've just sent you a pinterest invitation.


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