Monday, 6 June 2011

My New Best Friend

This cream H&M linen blazer is my most-worn and favourite piece of clothing at the moment and I've just noticed it's on sale for half-price. Typical that I should scrape together my pennies only to see it reduced a few weeks later but at least some of you might benefit! It's such an easy jacket to wear and smartens up any outfit. Gets creased as hell but hey, that's linen for you. I hate ironing anyway. A bargain at £14.99.


  1. you're a blazer. look at you being all cute! x

  2. i have this in the blush pink colour and i love it - even if my friends say it's a bit miami vice (in a good way!) ! can't believe it's reduced to that price!
    amina x

  3. @millmollmac You are a ridiculous human being! Haha! x
    @amina Miami Vice for the win! We know what's cool! x

  4. I have this blazer and love it too! Definitely my most worn blazer this summer...surprisingly good quality for H&M. Thanks for your comments on my blog, let me know if you have any questions about Sardinia! I was staying on the North East coast and really recommend it. De x


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