Friday, 17 June 2011

Review: Roger & Gallet Fleur d’Osmanthus

This might just be the perfect summer scent – light but warm; sandalwood tempering citrus essential oils to produce a scent that's much more than the sum of its parts. Every time I wear this someone tells me I smell good, but it's certainly not an overpowering or strong scent. Supposedly the Osmanthus flower is a rare plant that grows in the Guilin Valley in China; its scent is said to creat a stress-reducing and uplifting effect. It makes me feel stimulated and awake.

The top notes are mandarin essential oil and  orange zest. Heart notes include osmanthus, grapefruit essential oil and neroli. The base notes are tonka bean, sandalwood and benzoin essential oil.

Described as a 'fresh fragrant water spray' you might imagine the smell would be weak and fleeting but I've had no issues with its longevity. Certainly it's not going to be as strong after many hours' wear but its scent still lingers. I'm not normally a fan of fruity fragrances as I find them sickly and cloying but this is a citrus fruity floral for grownups, not a Britney Spears berry bomb. Definitely the scent of my summer.

Roger & Gallet Fleur d'Osmanthus Fresh Fragrant Water Spray is available from, priced £15–£30.


  1. Sounds like it smell's amazing...I am on the look out for a new fragrance...think I might try and get a whiff of this one! x

  2. I think you would probably love it! All my friends have liked it, as has the doyenne of perfume herself, MY MOTHER! x

  3. I absolutely loved the smell of this! Made me want to rip my OWN clothes off…but in a subtle way. Think may have to treat myself to it as a summer purchase.

  4. Maybe only wear it at home? Thanks.

  5. The smell of Fluer d'Osmanthus is AMAZING! I have recently purchased the dry oil and honestly believe I will never need another brand. I love,love,love it.


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