Thursday, 28 July 2011

Never Was I so Nautical

Before we get started let me just tell you that words like 'sea' and 'sail' are annoyingly short and make for crappy, stumpy titles that look rubbish. This post was very nearly titled 'Not Another Nautical Header'.

Despite the fact I will probably be on a sail boat for approximately one of fourteen days this holiday I'm not letting that stop me from putting together a natty little nautical clothing selection. A growing addiction to breton stripes is causing me to run the risk of being mistaken for someone taking the piss out of French people. Maybe time to lose the string of garlic? Stripes + boatneck meant this little baby from New Look didn't stand a chance. The white shorts and sandals were both Matalan bargains. The striped maxi dress is from Ted Baker courtesy of Bicester Village designer outlet village (and more specifically my boyfriend). J actually picked it out saying, 'Maybe something like this for in the evenings on holiday?' before buying it for me! No need to explain how fond I am of him. This dress is the comfiest thing in the world but also makes you feel glam and swishy. My new favourite.


  1. Love the sandals!!! Super cute x

  2. I like the casual look of the clothes and the slippers are also very well matched with the dress.Comfort is definitely a very important factor which helps you look very beautiful.


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