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The SPF Factor

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The past few weeks I've been merrily researching potential holiday destinations and getting excited at the prospect of guaranteed sunshine (plus my first ever holiday with a boy!). After much deliberation we eventually chose Sicily and booked flights for September. Part of the fun of going abroad is the preparation (excluding packing – we're flying Ryanair and only paid for 15KGs of hold luggage each) and I'm already starting to think about what products to take. Sunscreen is probably the most crucial product to get right, both in terms of preventing skin cancer and premature ageing, and wanting to avoid sand-stuck limbs and a greasy, white face! I asked my Twitter beauty blogger pals for their favourites and got some advice from a PR who has experienced for herself the consequences of insufficient sun protection. 

Linda Evans is an ex sunbather (now serious sun protector) who has always lived by the sea and loves to sail and ski. She's PR for salon professional product company, TIGI. 

'Twelve years ago I got skin cancers – six in total – and sought advice from Cancer Research and Ambre Solaire. Both told me the same thing: always use UVA and UVB and look for the UK 5 star rating, which you see under the UVA/B sign. It indicates maximum protection. Apply 15 minutes before going into the sun and use as much as your skin will absorb. Reapply every 45 minutes or so. At midday you can burn in 1015 minutes. No matter how many times you reapply you are only protected for the SPF factor x the number of minutes you take to burn. 

People also need to remember to wear sunscreen on dull days. I sail and it's really noticeable out on the sea (or the beach) that people get just as burned on overcast days. Same goes for skiing. And I'll tell you what  having not sunbathed ever, since the day I found out I had a melanoma, most people think I'm much younger than I am!'

The Sunscreens Beauty Bloggers Love
Peonies and Lilies
'Chanel UV Essentiel is my all time favourite for face, but L'Oreal Solar Expertise Matte Fluid Protection is a good high street alternative.'

Simone Loves Makeup

'Clinique Super City Block sinks into skin and feels like you've nothing on. It's also slightly tinted so on holiday I wear it on its own.'

Get Lippie

'Lancaster Sun Age Control for face, and Piz Buin Allergy for body. I find a lot of facial sunscreens far too heavy; the Lancaster is lighter, so it suits me.'

Amina's Bazaar

'Love Biotherm for face – it never breaks me out. Body  Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protect. You just have to be careful when applying as you can't see it!'

London MakeUp Girl

'Clinique for body. Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor is surprisingly good. It's an SPF 25 everyday facial moisture lotion but I wouldn't rely on it for being out in the sun all day.'

The 6 Inch Stilettos

'I'm using Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50+. No dodgy white streaks and skin stays hydrated. I can't complain!'

Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog

'Ultrasun and La Roche-Posay are both excellent for sensitive skin. I'm just back from Croatia and didn't burn at all. Love the once daily application [of Ultrasun], but must admit am in love with La Roche-Posay's texture! Wanted something that works well under makeup, which both do.'

Judy Johnson

'I'm a major sun allergy sufferer so @britbeautyblog recommended Institut Esthederm, expensive but nice!'

Katie's Beauty Blog

'I'm using Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Daily Mattifying Lotion SPF 15 for oily skin. It hasn't given me spots and I'm still pale! But you can only buy it online.'


'La Roche-Posay Anthelios is good for skin easily clogged by SPF.'

Le Salon de Beaute

'Institut Esthederm! Best sunscreen ever.'

Thanks for all your help ladies. I'll let you know what sunscreens I end up getting and what I think of them! First up: La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF50+ Melt-In Cream and Fluide Extreme Face.

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