Thursday, 25 August 2011

Holiday Prep: Getting the Bright Basics

With just over two weeks until we leave these frigid shores for sunny Sicily I am getting excited! I've been squirrelling away bits and pieces to take with me, researching the best products and also on a never-ending hunt for the perfect beach bag. The preparation (and shopping!) is all part of the fun of going on holiday and making the most of it.

I've been loyal to L'Oreal Solar Expertise for years (smells good, easy to rub in, no heat rash) but fancied trying something new. Having used P20 and Ultrasun once-per-day sunscreens in the past and been unconvinced (P20 was okay; Ultrasun was thick, white and sticky) I saw Fleur de Force recommend Piz Buin 1 Day Long in a YouTube video. The Boots website showed positive reviews and Superdrug had it on buy-one-get-one-free. £40 later I have two SPF 30s and two SPF 15s for my boyfriend and I to use. I'm a bit worried about going as low as SPF 15 but there was nothing in between and I didn't want to return as pale as I left! I might take some backup Solar Expertise just in case.

For my face I'll be using La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF50+ Fluide Extreme and SPF50+ Melt-in Cream. The former I have been using every day for the last month. It has a light texture and smell, doesn't make me breakout and moisturises sufficiently for me to bypass moisturiser most days. It tints skin slightly paler than normal and does make your face feel a tiny bit chalky if you touch it with your hand but it's still superior and more pleasurable to use than any other facial sunscreen I've tried. It also provides a good base for makeup. I've not tried the Melt-in Cream yet but will report back on both after my holiday. The weather in England this summer isn't much of a test!

I spotted this huge stripy beach towel in John Lewis when getting the ingredients for a cake and knew I'd be coming back for it. I'm obsessed with stripes! It's also big, thin and fluffy – perfect beach towel material.

The natty little nautical bikini is an Accessorize purchase. My breton stripe fetish remains unstemmed and even though I'm a bit worried about this style on me, I couldn't resist. Must diet and fake tan.

Illamasqua 'Collide' is a polish I've wanted ever since May. A retina-burning neon pink; I've yet to try it on fingers but it's perfect for toes.

If you're lucky enough to have been abroad this year and have any 'vacation' product recommendations, please leave a comment. I still need to sort out some colour and UV-protecting hair products to look after my bleached-out, dry old hair. 16 days to go!


  1. Oh I can't believe you're going to Sicily - so jealous!! "Collide" is the perfect summer/beach color and it doesn't chip for at least a good 5-6 days! I've worn it throughout the spring and summer!

  2. @Styleabaad Funnily enough it was googling 'Collide' that led me to your blog in the first place - it's now one of my favourites! Can't wait for Sicily. I also want to go to Sweden since reading your posts over the summer; it's beautiful.

  3. Love that bikini and your blog. All the bikinis I like are never suitable for my 28FF chest!

  4. @Anonymous - Thank you. This bikini has a tie-back so you could wear it as tight as you needed but I know how you feel. I have similar issues. The best bikinis I've tried are Heidi Klein - they offer a lot of support without underwiring and look good too. They're really expensive but I picked one up in the sale and one on eBay. There's a sale on the site at the moment actually - but it only makes them expensive rather than REALLY expensive!

  5. How have I not seen this nail polish before? LOVE! Going to go and buy this first thing tomorrow, seriously.

  6. Love all the bits and pieces you show here! I went to Marbella (for 7th year running) on our annual family holiday at the beginning of the month. I love your nail polish, I used Chanel Orange Fizz this year, great with a tan. I love the Anya Hindmarch beach bag but you might have a job getting hold of one now. I used either Kerastase or Loreal Professionel sun spray in my bleached hair. I picked up next years sun tan lotions in Superdrug the other day for about £2.99 each! I think you will be fine with the 15 if you do the first half of the holiday with the 30, as it just means you can stay out 15 times longer before burning, so if you get a base tan with the 30, you should be fine. Have a fab time xx

  7. @LookingFab - I've been there! Only the once mind you. Would LOVE the Anya Hindmarch beach bag but can't afford it, sadly! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, tips and advice. xx

  8. Love the bikini and nail polish. I use the Piz Buin One Day Long and it really does only need to be applied once, I really like it. I do get heat rash sometimes but a £1 pack of antihistamines from Boots quickly gets rid of it. I've been keeping an eye out for a beach bag in the sales (for next summer as mine collapsed in Capri!) and saw a nice one in M&S for £15, it's huge with a purple tie dye pattern, nicer than it sounds!

  9. @Becky - Thanks for your comment and beach bag suggestion! I'm glad you're a fan of the Piz Buin and found it worked well on your lovely trip to Italy! x

  10. Great post and love Collide!

    The most useful thing I took with me this holiday was a £7.99 hat from Primark - which I could wear anywhere, anytime. Really helped to protect my hair - although I stupidly didn't protect the ends, which are now frazzled.

    Next time I'll make sure to take, and use, Philip Kingsley's Swimcap - have heard so many good things about it, I think it'll definitely be worth saving up for

    Have a fab holiday xx

  11. @BeautyPassionista - I could really do with a hat! I've heard good things about Swimcap as well. Thank you! xx

  12. Adore that polish and love the Roche Posay - been using the facial one all summer.
    Nic x


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