Friday, 16 September 2011

Holiday Prep: Packing to a Theme

As my packing came together (read, 'everything thrown on bed') I noticed I was indeliberately sticking to a colour 'theme', namely blues and neutrals. This is the point at which a joke to my friend about 'needing a tonal theme' (because I wanted to be like Laura Fantacci of Wearing It Today) became a packing reality. I had a few red pieces that I wanted to take so these became my 'pop of colour'. There were some things I had to exclude in order to stick to a colour theme but I found this helped me remain within RyanAir's stingy 15kg weight limit.

If you're a dork like me who finds this sort of thing satisfying you must check out Laura's posts on her blog Wearing It Today. She's done a few on how to pack. This one and this one appealed to me hugely. And she also just came back from Sicily and posted about it here! Love her style!

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