Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Kourtney Kardashian's ASOS Horse Print Dress

It's no big secret that I style stalk Kourtney Kardashian for outfit inspiration and often fancy the looks she puts together. I spotted a picture of her in this long-sleeved horse print dress and immediately started hunting for it. Kourtney occasionally wears high street pieces, usually from H&M, and happily on this occasion she's sporting a little ASOS. Kourtney's ASOS Pussybow Shirt Dress In Galloping Horse Print costs £40 and is available now. Don't mind if I do...


  1. Love that dress, but love her shoes more! They are amazing.
    I have a horse print number from Matalan of all places, just a pain as you wear it once and everyone tends to remember it.

  2. Love it! Saw that pic today and had a case of lust myself. Reckon she took up the hem though as she's only 3' 7"?

  3. @Kelly - Kourtney's shoes are Prada and cost nearly $1000! I'm sure you can find some similar high street numbers though. The horse print is very memorable - I'd probably get sick of it quickly too but I love it! Reminds me of when Stella McCartney did horse prints for Chloe in 2001...

    @Anonymous - I expect she has a lot of her clothes tailored as she's actually 2' 4".

  4. Hi Laura!

    The dress is so pretty, it reminds me to this old one by H&M

    Nice blog!

    Isabel x

    "I" is for Isabel


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