Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Noë Shoes? Welcome to the Candy Shop

Last Friday I attended the BINTM Live event for work. While checking out the stalls at the exhibition I stumbled across Noë shoes. Any arrangement of multiple different colours of one thing appeals to me; when that 'thing' is shoes, I get overexcited.

Noë is a Belgian company founded in 2008 by Luca Dereu. The brand offer 87 colours, 7 different heel heights, 7 different materials and 7 different styles. They also make a wide range of sizes. The chap on the stall told me they have a website but I can't find it. However, the shoes are currently available on Sarenza. Noë are due to open a store on London's King's Road soon as well. Who's tempted?


  1. I am hyperventilating. Too much lovely! I would like all of them please.

    They're a gorgeous shape too, very flattering I imagine xx

  2. Thank god I'm not the only one! I used to want to sleep with new shoes next to my pillow when I was little... Anyhoo, they are a great shape - me likey! xx

  3. Love how they all look lined up. I remember my mum having two very similar pairs (in red and orange) in the 80s, wish she'd kept them!

  4. Yes! My mum too - all her 80s shoes had heels you could actually walk in like these. Those were the days, eh?

  5. I have two pairs of pink and hot pink ;)
    They are very comfortable.


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