Thursday, 1 December 2011

Brush Cleaning Secrets

I don't have any. Do you? I could never be a makeup artist (aside from the total lack of skill) because I find brush cleaning one of the most boring activities in existence. My current method involves shampoo, my hand and a lot of swirling and rinsing. Any useful tips or shortcuts gratefully received. I get to a point where I just stop using brushes rather than wash them. Lazy little me. Ps I promise to blog more in December.


  1. honey, get to Clinique & buy a bottle of their brush cleaner. then grab an old towel, spray a section and wipe your brushes on there. doing this once a week, will mean much fewer full-on washes & only takes a few seconds. the brushes will be barely wet & ready to be used again within about 10 minutes x

  2. This sounds a bit weird, and my boyfriend always asks what I'm doing, but I use a spoon with baby shampoo on it, swirl a dry brush around in it then rinse and repeat. I then leave them to dry on a clean flannel. I've got the Bare Minerals brush cleaner too but don't really like it, I just use it if I need to quickly clean an eye shadow brush or something.

  3. I hate cleaning my MU brushes and do it with bad grace infrequently (my face my germs I figure). But Jane (Modesty Brown) did a really good review of BECCA brush cleaner which is a sort of soap in a tin, she has done a video and all and that's what I am going for next. Good luck

  4. @abloggingblonde - Thanks Amanda! Love the sound of that. Clever sausage.
    @becky - Lovely, thanks Becky. I think you must use the spoon like I use the palm of my hand (sounds well dodgy!)
    @jan - I did see that and thought it looked like a mighty good idea (but then forgot about it).
    Thanks for all your help ladies! x

  5. i use estee lauder's brush cleaner on a more regular basis and wash it properly with baby shampoo maybe once a week or once in 2 weeks.

    the EL brush cleaner used to come in a bottle with no spray but the makeup artist at my counter uses a little spray bottle (that u can buy at boots etc), and spray the brush then take off the residue using a tissue.
    What i do is spray the brush with the cleaner and then swirl it on a kitchen towel (coz its more sturdy than normal tissue).
    Its really useful for like foundation brushes coz i need to wash that everyday (ive got bad acne skin, so wouldnt want to transfer all the bacteria).
    the EL brush cleaner is also anti-bacterial and quite conditioning to bristles, AND the new one comes with a spray which is really useful.
    i think it could be similiar to the mac's one since mac is under EL.
    i guess the spray technique could be use for other brands of brush cleaner as well. =)

  6. Thanks Iman! I see the EL one is also cheaper than Clinique's...


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