Saturday, 17 December 2011

Liberty Christmas Shop

Every year I decorate the (fake) Christmas tree at my mum's house and it's really not much fun at all. I miss my dad; Christmas feels pretend; the tree is always red and gold... Anyway, enough of my fractured family – this is about baubles.

Since I met someone in January, this Christmas promises to be different, and therefore, better. For reasons I won't go into involving his ex girlfriend, J doesn't have any Christmas decorations. This suits me fine as I get to buy all new ones!

It's been harder than I anticipated to get hold of some decent baubles. B&Q had the biggest selection but all had to be threaded. Sainsbury's and Tesco had a few as well. However, when in London for work I popped to the Liberty Christmas Shop and entered bauble heaven. So many beautiful glass decorations. I spent ages choosing the best ones. While some were quite expensive, most cost no more than the individual plastic baubles you see everywhere. Still, I only bought six!

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