Thursday, 12 January 2012

January So Far...

I don't know about you but it takes me ages to get into the swing of January. We're supposed to be refreshed and raring to go but I'm more like a dormouse emerging from a nest of chocolates and Home Alone.

I am very much enjoying my new Chanel compact mirror – well the look of it anyway, it has yet to come out of the present pile and 'into circulation'. My Jigsaw wallet is huge and beautiful. Thanks Mummy Wheat for these lovely gifts.

Other happenings have included a little one-year anniversary for J and I for which I was treated to a lovely meal at the same restaurant we went to for our first real date. He also bought me flowers both days of the weekend which equalled one huge, heavenly bunch.

The last of the Christmas chocolates have nearly gone – I was down to the disgusting orange and strawberry Roses but don't worry I still ate all of them. The tape measure is an old cracker gift. I've decided to keep it in my bag as I'm always in need of one and trying to wrap J's metal tape measure around my waist just isn't practical.

I found the necklace in the Accessorize sale. It had a disgusting white backing and some dangly chain things, both of which I removed. I've already had to glue two stones back in but I do love it.

How's your January going?


  1. it's been a year for you guys already??! my how time flies

  2. Happy Anniversary xx

    and loving your photos xx

  3. Wonderful :) I especially love the flowers on two days. Two, not one. Surprise two times :)


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