Sunday, 5 February 2012

Wintery Weekend in Cornwall

A few weeks ago we headed down to Cornwall for J's brother's 30th birthday. It was absolutely freezing but the cloud-dotted skies made for some pretty hipstamatic pictures. On our last day we drove from Falmouth to Porthleven to meet up with my nan, aunty and aunty's fiance who live nearby. Porthleven is a pretty harbour town with some great pubs and a very precarious breakwater you can walk out onto if you like risking getting at best soaked, at worst swept out to sea! Obviously I was stood right on the end twatting around posing for photos. I love Porthleven – it reminds me of my childhood and family.

We stayed at a superb B&B in Falmouth called 'Sixteen'. It was absolutely immaculate with lovely sheets and towels, a living room with open fire for us to lounge in (I wish we'd had time) and a wonderful host called Sharon who baked homemade cakes every day and left them out for us to enjoy whatever hour we returned! She also made delicious breakfasts. The B&B is well-situated, fairly priced, has its own parking and I highly recommend you stay there if planning a trip to Falmouth!


  1. Huge envy! My family all still live in Helston, I left when I was 19 and often wish I hadn't! I love Porthleven too, we always head down there for an ice cream from the Roskillys shop irrespective of the weather, glad you had a lovely time, your photos are great.

  2. I've been there for icecream too! We always used to get our pasties from the place just up the hill from the harbour, aka 'is this the hill to nanny's house?' - my brother and I used to ask on every hill from Gloucestershire to Cornwall! Thanks for the lovely comment.


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