Sunday, 20 May 2012

MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick

I've been wanting to get my mitts on this lipstick for ages as it promises to be similar to Vegas Volt but with a bit more pink in it. Perfect for that Betty Draper look I love. It's an 'amplified' lipstick, part of the Shop MAC collection, and is still available online. Today is the first time I've worn it and it's really pretty, bright but not too bright to be wearable. I've teamed it with a little double denim outfit. Is that allowed? I've decided it's cool. Since my skin has been clear I'm loving bright lips! I need to tell you the products I have to thank for that too...


  1. Gorgeous! The colour really suits you, you look incredible.

  2. Thanks Joy! Made me feel all summery.


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