Sunday, 10 June 2012

Review: Suti Organic Balm Facial Cleanser

Once in a while a product comes into your life that you love to use and which works brilliantly. Enter Suti Organic Balm Facial Cleanser.

Suti skincare is a British brand founded on the principles of aromatherapy, homeopathy, organic farming and crystal healing. Each product in the collection contains essential oils, botanical extracts, cold pressed vegetable oils and butters. Ethically and sustainably sourced, Suti uses Certified Organic ingredients.

The first thing that hits you when you open the pot is the delicious, zesty smell. The balm is a kind of grainy, solidified oil which melts as you apply it and can be easily spread and massaged into the skin. Because it smells so gorgeous and feels fabulous I actually spend a bit of time working it into my skin as I enjoy the experience. I am not someone who likes a long evening facial routine as I usually stay up too late and am exhausted, but with this cleanser, I can't help but take my time. I then use a muslin cloth to wipe off the cleanser, along with my emulsified makeup. It removes eye makeup effectively but you have to go through an 'Uncle Fester' phase and stain all of your muslins. I prefer to remove my eye makeup with Bioderma H2O after cleansing.

In the past, I would've baulked at the idea of using an oil cleanser as I have problem skin prone to spots and congestion. Although my skin isn't oily, I would've assumed I needed to avoid oil products. However, I now think cleansers made of natural (not mineral) oils are the best option for all skin types. This article on oil-based cleansers via Colin's Beauty Pages really helped to explain their benefit to me. Basically, cleansing your face with oil leaves a film on the skin, which your skin's sensors interpret as sebum, meaning they don't product more.

I've been using this cleanser every evening for around two months and it's made a big difference to my skin. I've only had a few spots and, along with some other new products I've introduced, I feel like it's really working for me. My skin feels more balanced and hasn't required nearly as much moisturiser as it used to. At £26 for a 50ml pot (which will probably last me for three months once-daily usage) this is a product I'll be repurchasing. Who else is a fan of oil and balm cleansers?