Saturday, 7 July 2012

Tech Woes

I approach So Far So Chic with a 'Kate Moss' mentality, 'never complain. Never explain. However, I feel like doing both today so we'll call this an exception...

Over the past month I have suffered a series of tech woes. First my iPhone broke, meaning (amongst other things, such as 'do my job') I could take no photos. Then, the day before I got my phone replacement, my MacBook broke. Apple took over a week to fix it, messed me around endlessly, charged me £200 for the privilege and then tried to give me the computer back with a brand new HOLE they'd created during the repair. *calm thoughts, happy thoughts* Once happily reunited with my precious laptop, my charger broke, meaning I couldn't charge the thing. Hence the lack of blogging. But I'm back now and shall continue undeterred. Despite my Apple anger I'm considering the hugely expensive and beautiful MacBook Pro Retina Display – I cannot afford it but I wants it. Anyone got one? In breaking, my mac has shown its first sign of weakness and I'm not sure I can trust it anymore. Should I give the relationship another go or will it never be the same?


  1. How bloody annoying. I think faced with such a series of misfortunes I would say that you deserve the MacBook Pro Retina Display :)

  2. Hi! I liked your blog, it's so cute! The real beauty-blog ^^ And you are so pretty =**
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