Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Baby Bikinis are Weird and Wrong

I'm not sure if this is a 'celebrity' thing, an American thing or just a weird... thing. Kourtney Kardashian's baby girl Penelope is wearing a triangle bikini. Baby girl nips are no different than baby boy nips and do not necessitate covering merely because of their potential to eventually become breasts. Is this because those are Kardashian baby girl nips and therefore 'famous' nips? Are they being guarded to preserve the fee for their first appearance in Hello! magazine? Or is this about paedophiles? In my mind, to cover something implies there is something to cover and therefore adds an element of sexualisation where there was none.

Perhaps it's just a fashion choice; Kourtney dressing her daughter like herself. In Europe half the adult women don't bother with bikini tops on the beach and babies and little girls commonly wear nappies, nothing, bikini bottoms, swimsuits or those funny little sun protection outfits.

Please tell me your thoughts on baby bikinis. Am I the only one who finds them strange and creepy?


  1. There is definitely something weird about it! Personally I think I'd got for one of those little sun protection outfits anyway if I had kids, you can't be too careful with kids' skin. But if not, then a swimsuit or just a pair of bottoms-wearing a bikini is almost like trying to sexualise children in a way, when there is nothing sexual about them! If it is a fashion choice, well I don't like it when people try to make young children fashionable anyway, a little girl should be wearing cute 'little girl-y' outfits if you ask me, not fashion clothes!x

  2. There is something weird, but I think Kourtney is probably doing it for fashion. "famous nips" hahaha. I feel like she should wear a one piece if anything!

  3. That is just plain wrong! I can't imagine the effect it'll have on a child's psche. Are my nips something to hide?


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